Join or support the team today!Scotiabank Charity Challenge, October 19, 2014: Join Team Autism Ontario and help kids, youth and adults realize their potential!

1 in 94 children in Ontario is diagnosed with autism. We need your help to ensure children and adults with autism, and their families, have the intervention, support and programs they need, when they need it. Join or support the team today!

   Posted August 20, 2014
Accepting applications starting September 15th to Autism Ontario's Building Brighter Futures Fund

The Building Brighter Futures Fund provides financial assistance to Ontario adults with ASD or their families through a reimbursement of funds spent to open doors for greater participation in local communities. Funding is provided by generous donors!

Applications will be accepted from September 15th to September 30th. Click here for information.

   Posted August 18, 2014
Visit the Ontario Working Group on Mental Health and Adults with ASD siteNew Ontario working group to address mental health and autism in adults

"While more than 93,000 adults in Ontario are affected by the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), many go undiagnosed for far too long. Without appropriate diagnostic and mental health services, many of these adults suffer in isolation. To address this emerging issue, care providers from across Ontario have joined together to create the Ontario Working Group on Mental Health and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder." Read the news release.

The group, which includes Autism Ontario, CAMH and many more, is hosting a one day conference that will be of interest to psychiatrists, family doctors and mental health clinicians, and will run adjacent to Geneva Centre for Autism’s International Symposium, Autism 2014.

Visit the Ontario Working Group on Mental Health and Adults with ASD site

   Posted August 7, 2014
Did you miss the Everyday ABA Webinar on August 6?

Access this webinar and two other resource rich and practical webinars here!

Hosted by Dr. Leslie Cohen, the Everyday ABA webinar provides a basic toolbox of positive and effective behavioural strategies for increasing adaptive behaviours that compete with, reduce, and replace challenging behaviours.

Dr. Cohen will also be running Everyday ABA Workshops in four locations across the province in 2014 and 2015:
Sudbury - Sept 27, 2014
London- Oct 18, 2014
Ottawa - Nov 21, 2014 (link to come)
York Region (Markham) - March 28, 2015 (link to come)

Avez-vous raté notre webinaire « L’ACA au quotidien » présenté le 6 août?

Vous pouvez le consulter ainsi que d’autres webinaires enrichissants et pratiques en cliquant ICI!

Animé par Leslie Cohen, psychologue, le webinaire Everyday ABA (L’ACA au quotidien) se veut d’abord et avant tout une boîte à outils de base proposant des stratégies comportementales positives et efficaces pour accroître les comportements adaptatifs qui font concurrence aux comportements à défi, en réduisant leur fréquence ou en les remplaçant.

Madame Cohen présentera aussi des ateliers sur le webinaire Everyday ABA (L’ACA au quotidien) à quatre endroits différents de la province en 2014 et 2015.
Sudbury– Le 27 septembre 2014
London– Le 18 octobre 2014
Ottawa – Le 21 novembre 2014
York (Markham) – Le 28 mars 2015

   Posted July 10, 2014
Read more.LCBO Stores Raise Funds for Autism Ontario

Starting September 14th, the public can support Autism Ontario by making a donation at any of the more than 635 LCBO stores throughout the province. Donation boxes will be displayed at LCBO checkout counters until October 11th. Read more.

   Posted August 21, 2014
Read the Toronto Star article.No more wait lists for people with disabilities in Ontario, all-party report urges

Autism Ontario made three presentations to the Select Committee on Developmental Services and followed up with a letter outlining concerns after they issued their interim report. Advocacy takes time and we are invested in making Ontario a better place for every person with ASD and their families. We are very hopeful about what is possible in the next four years for people with ASD in our province.

Read the report.

Read the Toronto Star article.

   Posted July 23, 2014
Click here to read the stories l Cliquez ici pour lire les témoignages.Celebrating 40 Years of Embracing Our Potential: 1973-2013 l Autisme Ontario –1973 – 2013 : 40 années consacrées à la valorisation de notre potentiel

Autism Ontario invites you to reflect on 40 years of joy, despair, challenge, and change. We are so honoured that people took the time to share a bit of themselves with us at this point of our journey as an organization. Our gracious authors, from across Ontario, have generously shared their stories, filled with knowledge, insight and determination. We invite you to read through their stories and consider the work that remains to be done. Happy 40th Anniversary Autism Ontario.

Autisme Ontario vous invite à réfléchir aux 40 années de joie, de découragement, de défis et de changements qui viennent de prendre fin. En tant qu’organisme, et à ce stade de notre périple, nous sommes à la fois touchés et ravis que des gens aient pris le temps de partager avec nous, par écrit, des moments importants de leur vie. De tous les coins de l’Ontario nous sont parvenus en effet des récits touchants, empreints de compréhension, de perspicacité et de détermination. Nous vous invitons à en prendre connaissance sans toutefois perdre de vue tout le chemin qu’il nous reste encore à parcourir. Célébrons ensemble le 40ième anniversaire d’Autisme Ontario!

Click here to read the stories l Cliquez ici pour lire les témoignages.

   Posted January 20, 2014

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