Please watch and share.New Autism Ontario Video

This video, which features the incredible Michael McCreary, is a wonderful introduction to autism spectrum disorder. The video was created to support customer service professionals when they provide services or support to people with ASD; however the positive response from the general public has been overwhelming. This video is so accessible and entertaining, it offers something for everyone.

We want everyone to understand autism and to see the potential!

Please watch and share.

   Posted January 18, 2016

Last year over 400 Ontario schools and 340 municipalities raised the flag. We invite you to join us in 2016!

L’an dernier, plus de 400 écoles et 340 municipalités de l’Ontario ont participé à la campagne de Levée du drapeau. Nous vous invitons à vous joindre à nous en avril 2016!

   Posted December 10, 2015
Read the update.Autism Services and Supports for Children

On December 2, 2015 the Auditor General released her Annual Report. The report features a follow-up on the recommendations made in their 2013 Annual Report on Autism Services and Supports for Children.

Of the 19 recommendations 3 have been fully implemented, 13 are in process and 3 have had little or no progress.

We are encouraged by the work done by the government including: - the investment in ensuring families have access to early diagnosis and assessment 
- the implementation of minimum training requirements for educators around ABA principals in the classroom
- the development of processes to assess whether people with ASD made successful transitions.

Read the update.

   Posted December 2, 2015
Watch the recorded webinar now.Webinar: How to do Educational Advocacy Right | (en anglais) Comment exercer son droit de revendication en milieu scolaire

Three experts in the field of education advocacy explore various formal and informal methods of building positive relationships with school personnel. Join the conversation and learn ways to work effectively with your child’s school using successful relationship building skills through the IPRC process.

Ce webinaire prendra la forme d’une table ronde à laquelle participeront Lynn Ziraldo, Ed Mahony et Pat Kearns. Trois experts du domaine de l’action revendicatrice en milieu scolaire explorent différentes méthodes, formelles et informelles, permettant d’établir de bonnes relations avec le personnel scolaire. Joignez-vous à la conversation et apprenez à travailler efficacement avec l’école de votre enfant en utilisant des habiletés relationnelles mises en valeur dans la démarche que propose le Comité d’identification, de placement et de révision (CIPR).

Watch the recorded webinar now.

   Posted November 17, 2015
Click here for the full release.Media Release: Adult Autism Spectrum Service Providers Dismayed by Lack of Progress

Youth and adults with autism and Asperger Syndrome face the ongoing prospect of few services or supports

Ontario Partnership for Adults with Aspergers and Autism (OPAAA), composed of all the major autism service providers in the province, is troubled about the lack of services available to youth and adults on the autism spectrum. In their meeting last week, they heard more evidence of the lack of a uniform approach and understanding of the profiles of these individuals across the province. Click here for the full release.

   Posted November 13, 2015
Click here to register and watch.Webinar: Navigating the system after an autism diagnosis

Watch the recorded webinar with Dr. Wendy Roberts. Click here to register and watch.

   Posted September 25, 2015
Watch Our Awareness VideoConnecting the Autism
Community Through Story

Watch Our Awareness Video

   Posted March 16, 2015
Click here - Cliquez iciAutism Ontario's Knowledge Base -
Base de connaissances

A bilingual, searchable database of brief, easy-to-understand documents that are relevant to the lives of youth and adults with ASD their families.

Une base de données bilingue et interrogeable ainsi qu’une série de courts documents faciles à comprendre concernant la vie des adolescents et des adultes ayant un TSA et celle de leurs familles respectives.
Click here - Cliquez ici

   Posted February 27, 2015
To register go to 2016 Conference on Mental Health and Adults with ASD

Youth and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are increasingly being identified and are likely to suffer with mental health disorders in their lifetime. There is a growing need for clinician training in Ontario’s adult mental health sector. This one-day conference on Feb. 26, 2016 will be of interest to psychiatrists, family doctors, allied health professionals and mental health clinicians.

To register go to

   Posted January 6, 2016
Get started here!A future planning resource for people with a disability, their families and caregivers

This website is an incredible resource that includes:
- Disability and Funding Services
- Learning modules that explore various topics
- Inspiring Documentaries
- Free Professional Consultation
- Event Listing and much more!
Get started here!

   Posted January 16, 2015

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