Has your child had an IPRC? Do you understand the IPRC process?

If the answer isn't yes to both these questions you need to join us! Even if things are currently going well, this is the time to take this workshop.

These workshops presented by educational consultant Ed Mahony is designed to support parents in asserting their rights and teaches them how to be heard in a respectful and positive manner.


Past Webinars:
Presenter Biography: Ed Mahony is a special education resource teacher in Hamilton, Ontario. He teaches positive advocacy, a one day program to provide families with practical & proven strategies to work successfully with Ontario schools to support children with special education needs. Ed also provides individual consultation to families. As well, Ed also has over 20 years of experience teaching educators & parents about ASD, special needs, avoiding crisis behavior & advocacy strategies in colleges & other agencies throughout Ontario.

Biographie du présentateur : Ed Mahony est un enseignant-ressource dans le secteur de l’enfance en difficulté à Hamilton, Ontario. Il offre une formation d’un jour sur l’action revendicatrice; cette formation vise à enseigner aux familles des stratégies pratiques et éprouvées pour travailler efficacement avec les écoles de l’Ontario dans le but d’aider les enfants qui ont des besoins particuliers. Ed compte plus de 20 ans d’expérience d’enseignement aux éducateurs & aux parents, dans les domaines des troubles du spectre de l’autisme (TSA), des besoins particuliers, des stratégies d’évitement des crises & de l’action revendicatrice dans les collèges et d’autres organismes de l’Ontario.

For more information about Ed Mahony, please visit www.mahonyadvocacy.com. You can also follow on him on Twitter at @MahonyEd and like his Facebook page!

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