Understanding Autism - A guide for Secondary School Teachers
A four-part video series on youtube. The videos target Secondary School and run about 12-18 minutes in length. They feature several experts in the field including, Brenda Smith-Myles.
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A Chance to Be Me
This is about three students who are affected quite differently by autism. What makes these three unique is not that they have autism, but that they have close friendships and acceptance in their school community. AO developed this interactive video and teaching guide for intermediate and high school students as an orientation to autism and to help promote further classroom discussion. Approx. 22 min. Suitable for Gr. 7 - 10. VHS Format

My Friend Dylan
Feelings & understanding are the main focus of a group of students who want to get to know their classmate Dylan. They share what they learned with others Suitable for Gr. 3 – 6. Approx. 10 min. DVD Format

Mon Amie Dylan
Dans cette vidéo, les camarades de classe de Dylan partagent leurs sentiments à son égard et nous parlent de leur relation avec elle. Ils offrent des suggestions et des idées qui les ont aidés à mieux connaître Dylan.
Auditoire visé : les enfants de la 3e à la 6e année. Environs 10 minutes. Format de DVD

Experiencing Autism
Wondered what it feels like to have autism? Why do people with autism do what they do? Watch these 5 demos or replicate the simulations to gain valuable insights. Suitable for Gr. 4 – 9. Approx 16 min. DVD Format

«Vivre» l’autisme
Cinq simulations qui aideront les élèves à comprendre l'autisme. Grâce à cinq activités de simulation, les élèves comprendront mieux ce que vivent les personnes autistes. Cette vidéo offrira un aperçu sur un trouble que peu de personnes comprennent réellement. Auditoire visé : les enfants de la 4e à la 9e année. 16 minutes Format de DVD

What do You See When You See Me?
This video profiles four young teenagers with autism and Aspergers who are thriving in grades six, seven, and eight. In their own words, each student provides personal insights. Suitable for Gr. 6 & up. 12 minutes. DVD Format.

Growing Up With Autism or Asperger’s
This video, a joint project between Autism Ontario (formerly ASO) and The Autism Group, is a collection of heart-felt stories that provide some insight and understanding into the lives of five adults on the autism spectrum. Each story is approximately 24 minutes in length. VHS or DVD Format

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