Who We Are

The Ontario Partnership for Adults with Aspergers and Autism is a province-wide leadership group. OPAAA is a distinct, collective voice for the unique needs of transitional aged youth and the estimated 50,000+ adults living with ASD in Ontario. We are parents, family members, researchers, clinicians, service providers, educators, advocates and self-advocates, adults with lived experience. Our focus is on all matters related to the unique and distinct needs of youth and adults on the autism spectrum. Autism Ontario is the lead organization in OPAAA.

Please visit these OPAAA Member websites:

Autism Ontario

Autism Speaks Canada

Geneva Centre for Autism

Helping Adults with Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Kerry's Place Autism Services

Offord Centre for Child Studies

Ontario Adult Autism Research & Support Network

The Redpath Centre for Social and Emotional Development

Woodview Mental Health & Autism Services
York University

OPAAA Members

Autism Ontario, Margaret Spoelstra, Co-chair
Autism Speaks Canada, Jill Farber
Geneva Centre for Autism, Debbie Irish
Elizabeth Hunter, Parent
Kerry’s Place Autism Services, SIsabel Meharry
Ginny Pearce, Parent   
Redpath Centre, Dr. Kevin Stoddart, Co-chair
Woodview Mental Health & Autism Services, Robin Brennan
Howard Weinroth, parent
York University Autism Research Chair, Dr. Jonathan Weiss
Student Researcher, Evguenia Ignatova 

What We Do

OPAAA gathers together a few times each year. We meet with government leaders in Ontario to advocate for change. Collectively, we write and submit policy papers and responses to ministry calls for public input to legislation and regulations.

We represent the voice of self-advocates and the families of teens and adults living with ASD in Ontario. We write and submit policy papers and responses to ministry calls for public input to legislation and regulations.We are the link between Autism Ontario and our chapters, and inform the work of Autism Ontario's Board of Directors in shaping Ends and Outcome policies.

OPAAA Terms of Reference

COUNT ME IN is our provincial registry of people supporting our goals for youth and adults living with ASD in Ontario. 

Report: Adult Working Group Report to Chapters at our Regional Meetings, Winter 2010 
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Geneva Centre for Autism 

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