Adult Manual 

Living with ASD: Adolescence and Beyond
Helping people on the autism spectrum navigate to and through adulthood

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Our adult manual is the result of a collaborative effort of individuals with ASD, parents, and professionals working in the autism field. It covers a gamut of topics addressing the basic question of “what is autism?” to complex issues such as sexuality, dual diagnosis, transitions, future planning, and living options. It depicts a panoramic picture of the needs and challenges of adults with ASD vis-à-vis the resources and service delivery infrastructure available in their communities. Most importantly, it also tells stories of triumphs and hopes by individuals with ASD, by the people who love and work with them, and by the communities that endeavoured to develop programs and services to encourage independence and inclusion. Read our promotional flyer and Order information

Autism Advisor

AutismADVISORs are printable excerpts from “Living with ASD” and are now available for downloading. These brief documents can assist parents and adults with ASD in educating family members, employers, service providers and community leaders on an “as needed” basis. Check back often, as new Autism Advisors will be added regularly. Previously unpublished material will also be available. See the Autism Advisor titles list.

Conseils - Autisme : Des extraits de "Vivre avec TSA" peuvent maintenant être télécharger et imprimer.  Ces brefs documents peuvent aider les parents et adultes ayant un TSA à éduquer des membres de la famille, des employés, des prestataires de services ainsi que des dirigeants au sein de la communauté lorsque nécessaire.  Visitez le site fréquemment puisque des conseils - Autisme seront ajoutés régulièrement. Du matériel non-publié sera également disponible.

If you have an article that you would like Autism Ontario to consider for publication as a future edition of AutismAdvisor, please contact us with your idea. Email

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