Family Support Groups

About Support Groups

We are proud to offer support group meetings monthly, facilitated by parent volunteer members of our Chapter Leadership Council. These meetings provide a wonderful opportunity to talk with chapter members, families and others supporting individuals living with ASD.

Find out how we can help each other by sharing our experiences. We all face the same issues; learning about ASD and the impact it has on our lives, dealing with professionals, locating supports, securing funding and advocating on behalf of those we support. Whatever you are facing, someone else has been down that road.

When you consider joining a support group, think about your needs are, and what you hope to gain from the experience. Also, consider your willingness to help others in the group, as groups are most effective when you are not only willing to receive support but to offer assistance as well.

By attending our support group meetings, you will be provided the opportunity to get assistance with pressing challenges or issues and receive guidance by dedicated individuals who are willing and able to offer the assistance you may be requiring.

Who Benefits From Our Support Group? 

Are you a parent or family member of a child, youth or adult living with ASD? Do you want to meet other families in your community who are living with similar situations? Whatever you are facing, someone else has been down that road. How can we best support each other?

Facilitated by parents living with ASD, our Support Group Meetings are held monthly from September to July. There is no charge, all meetings are subsidized in full by Autism Ontario York Region Chapter. 

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