Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

"Working together to support exceptional pupils"

Under Ontario's Education Act, every exceptional pupil is entitled to special education programs and services which meet his or her needs. In accordance with Regulation 464/97, Special Education Advisory Committees of the the Education Act, each school board is required to establish a special education advisory committee.

In York Region, our Special Education Advisory Committees (SEAC) play a vital role in ensuring that exceptional pupils receive appropriate educational services.

SEAC is responsible for making recommendations to the Board with respect to any matter affecting the establishment and development of special education programs and services for exceptional pupils of the Board.

Autism Ontario has SEAC Reps advising both school boards in York Region. Your SEAC Reps and their alternates act as liaison between our chapter and the public and separate school boards. SEAC Reps are your voice for students living with ASDs in York Region.

York Region District School Board Special Education Advisory Committee
SEAC Reps: Micole Ongman; alternate Kelsie Vink

York Catholic District School Board Special Education Advisory Committee
SEAC Reps: Cenza Newton; alternate vacant

Monthly Meetings:  SEAC Reps attend board meetings every month, raising the issues which directly affect our autism community. These meetings are open to the public.

Role: to advise and influence local school boards on policies which directly affect students with ASDs

Goal: to identify and resolve issues in a timely and satisfactory manner, and to provide families with general advice and guidance on special education issues

Our SEAC Reps are Parents Too!  SEAC is a Volunteer Position.  As parent volunteers, SEAC Reps dedicate many hours every month representing your issues to our school boards. General advice and guidance is provided through Chapter Information Evenings throughout the year. Specific issues will take a few days for a SEAC response. Contact your SEAC Rep through your chapter:  york@autismontario.com or by voicemail to 905-780-1590 ext 103.

Autism Ontario Special Education Manual

Navigating the Special Education System in Ontario - A Handbook for Parents of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

A publication of Autism Ontario, this hardcover three-ring binder is approximately 200 pages long and is available through our provincial office for $25.00/copy PLUS postage and handling. Save postage and handling costs by picking your copy up at any chapter meeting or workshop. Read more about our manuals.


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