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OUR CHAPTER operates various Summer Programs for youth and adults living with an ASD. For more information, please see our Program Descriptions and Brochure.

As of Friday, September 1, 2017, the Provincial Government made some rather significant changes to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).  This Special Needs Planner outlines the impact of those changes


My Community Hub is an online registration space where people with a developmental disability and their families can find activities & programs that reflect their interests. Sign-up for a range of activities, camps, classes, day respite services, programs and workshops aimed to suit all ages, interests, and schedules. Agency Partners: Christian Horizons, Community Living Toronto, Corbrook, Kerry's Place Autism Services, Meta Centre, Reena, Vita

Community Participation Supports/York (DSO, May 2014)

Adult Respite Options (listing updated May 2014)

FINISHING HIGH SCHOOL? NOW WHAT? Life after high school requires planning well before that time arrives. We highly recommend that you start the process about the Grade 10 school year.

  • Autism, Adulthood and Adaptive Behavior: What Skills Will Your Child Need? In this 1 hour webinar, Dr. Peter Gerhardt discusses the safety, employment, self-management and other skills necessary for adulthood (Interactive Autism Network Jan 2014)
  • Transition Planning Resource Guide is a comprehensive guide with live links and is updated annually: Understanding Transition Planning, Developmental Services and Key Terminology; Provincially Funded Resources and Supports; ODSP, SSAH & Passport funding programs; Ontario Works, Post-Secondary Education; Vocational / Employment Programs; Day Programs / Community Participation Supports; Residential Supports; Respite Services; Autism Services; Legal & Financial; Recreation & Leisure; Bursaries & Scholarships; Transportation; other resources (York Region District School Board, June 2014, 18 pages)
  • Special Education Transition Planning Guide Entry to School, Transitions/School Day, Transition/One School Year to the Next; Transition Between YRDSB Schools or to a School outside the Board; Elementary to Secondary Transition; Secondary Transition to Post Secondary Options (York Region District School Board, 2014, 98 pages)
  • Transitions Brochure (York ASD Partnership, March 2014)
  • Transition to Adulthood Checklist (York ASD Partnership, March 2014)
  • Prepare to Launch - Resource Guide for Parents of Adolescents with ASD.pdf (771.83 KB) (The Ability Hub, 2015) better understand the process of navigating the transition between the teenage years and young adulthood
  • Connections Manual A guide to assist in planning your transition from school to life in the community. (YSSN 2012, 134 pg pdf)
  • Access Services Listing (YSSN, Aug 2012)
  • Transition Planning list of useful documents shared by a parent


  • Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) is the 'Single Point of Access' to ministry funded services. DSO Central East Region (DSO-CER) serves York Region. View their Service Partners. Eligibility criteria must be met. Assessment follows using the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) developed by the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD). See their SIS section for more information.
  • Passport Program Funding: What is Passport? ; Passport Guidelines

DSO is also mandated to provide you with information about community fee-for-service providers and other resources. *See Chapter message below to private providers.



  • New Employment Initiative for Adults: Viability is an organization that aims to help individuals with autism and other developmental disorders find and sustain meaningful employment in the GTA. Viability consults with individuals/families and a potential employer before bringing both parties together for a meet and greet. Participants then begin an unpaid internship for an agreed upon period of time (no more than two months) after which the decision to hire is made! This process allows our participants to start with a flexible schedule and helps facilitate an easy transition into the workforce. This also allows our employers to see firsthand the many capabilities and skills that our participants have to offer which the traditional resume or interview process often fails to capture. For more information, please visit or send us an email at  



  • Resource Guide for Students with Disabilities: Transition to Post-Secondary Education What do you need to know before you head off to college or university? Learn about your rights and responsibilities, how to advocate for yourself, what financial aid is available and more.
  • Navigating College - A Handbook on Self Advocacy written for students with autism by students with autism. At over 100 pages, the handbook produced by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network is said to be the first-of-its-kind to be geared toward individuals with autism rather than parents or professionals. It’s punctuated by first person accounts and frank talk, offering young people with autism a look at the changes they can expect when transitioning to college both socially and academically. The guide also touches on topics like self-advocacy, independent living and basics like maintaining good eating and sleeping habits.


Housing: Region of York Community Support

Independent Facilitation

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  • Adults section has information with a provincial focus
  • COUNT ME IN Provincial Registry of adults with ASD or Asperger's & their supporters



Atlas on the Primary Care of Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Ontario (CAMH, Dec 2013)

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