Adults: Services & Supports for ages 16+ in York Region


  • SURVEY: Help us Help You! We are compiling a list of services and supports that are needed in York Region. What are the biggest hurdles for you to access services for adults with an ASD? If you are supporting an adult aged 16 years and up, please take a few moments to complete this brief survey on adult services.
  • SUMMER PROGRAM: Adult Summer Program AOA is a summer day program for adults living with ASD and is an extension of our children's AOK Camp program. Please visit our Camp page for details & online application package.
  • MANUAL: Living with ASD: Adolescence and Beyond ~ Helping people on the autism spectrum navigate to and through adulthood. Published by Autism Ontario, our 200+ page Adult Manual is available through York Region Chapter. 
  • CONNECT: Adult Issues Networking & Support Group. Are you the parent or adult sibling of an individual with ASD who is 16 years of age or older? How are adults with autism being served today? What will their future - and yours - look like? Do you want to meet other families in your community who are living with similar situations? How can we best support each other? What's next for us? Help us shape a support group which will focus on the realities, successes and challenges for adults living with ASD and their families. Please complete our brief survey on adult services. Next Meetings will be arranged based on your feedback! Questions, comments & suggestions for agenda items of topics that are of interest to you, please email

Finishing High School? NOW WHAT?

Life after high school requires planning well before that time arrives. We highly recommend that you access the following resources starting about the Grade 10 school year. 



Our chapter held an information evening Transitioning to Adult Services, Systems & Supports on Dec 5, 2011. Speakers Andrew Walker, Developmental Services Ontario/Central East Region and Cari Gibbons, Passport Coordinator/Case Manager explained the system access process. View their presentation YSSN/Passport ppt and our handout Confirming Eligibility: Resources, Links



  • Adults section has information with a provincial focus
  • COUNT ME IN Provincial Registry of adults with ASD or Asperger's & their supporters



Atlas on the Primary Care of Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Ontario
(December 2013)

Compiled by volunteer parents, the resources on this page are a work in progress. Your content suggestions are welcome! Please email



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