Technology and Supplies

Technology, Apps, and Software

Zac Picto- free software organizer and visual schedule

Soft Touch- software for exceptional learners 

Open Autism Software

Geek SLP - educational aps and info

Family Center on Technology and Disability

Suggested Apps from Autism Ontario

Apps for SPL Education

Smart Apps for Kids

Boardmaker (good for social stories)

Apps for Children with Special Needs


Assistive Technology and Resources


AssistiveWare - makers of Proloquo, Proloquo2, Pictello, etc

Picto Selector - Free visual supports (Picture Exchange) you can make for your child

PECS Canada

Free Picture Symbols and PECS downloads


Materials and Supplies


Weighted Blankets

How to make your own weighted blanket

Another Weighted blanket tutorial

Sure Grip Bendable cutlery

Litterless Lunches- resuable snack and sandwich bags, lunch containers, etc

Reusable Sandwich Bags Tutorial - can make with an easy-open fastener for people who need help with their fine motor skills

Lunchbox Solutions


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