Funding that families may be able to access. Please check with the service provider's listed below for up-to-date information on their programs.

Respite Funds receives funding dedicated to family-directed respite. This allows families to design their own respite program (including summer camp attendance). Funds are renewed each April and are distributed until they are exhausted. To apply for the funding, there is an application form you need to complete. Contact for the form. Note that has other funding attached to it that is not specifically family-directed, so may be able to meet the family's need even if they do not qualify for the family-directed program.

You need to develop a plan, with specific goals and objectives and a budget, to apply for this funding. Contact Lorna Powers at or call 416-322-6317 x2 for details.

Several Autism Ontario-Toronto Chapter members who have received this funding are willing to share their plans and their knowledge - if interested, please email:

Registered Disability Savings Plans

This is a new federal program starting in the spring of 2008. For more information, visit the web site of the group that spearheaded this initiative: PLAN

Medical Trust

We understand there is something called a "medical trust" that can be set up to help pay for medical expenses. You should check with your financial advisor for more information.

Henson Trusts
Henson Trusts are special trusts that allow money to be left to disabled individuals without being "clawed back".  One source of information about such trusts is the Special Needs Planning Group

Service Groups

Local service organizations, such as a Kiwanis club or other group, may be willing to fund specific expenses. You can approach these organizations and make an individual case.

President's Choice Children's Charity with the goal of "helping children who are physically or developmentally challenged". You need to provide information about your family and the need, the child's date of birth, address and phone number, supporting documentation (diagnosis, independent second party, family income), two quotes on the cost of the request, information on funds already received or that the family will be contributing. Call 416-218-7918 or email them at

Toileting Supplies
If your child is over 3 and still needs diapers (daytime or nighttime), you may be eligible for funding to pay for those supplies. Contact The Easter Seal Society, Incontinence Supplies Program for Children & Youth with Disabilities, 1185 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 706, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 3C6

Jennifer Ashleigh Children's Charity
This foundation provides children and families with financial assistance for things like specialized equipment, programs, therapy, camp, etc. Contact them at 905-852-1799 or

Health Spending Account

Benecaid offers a Health Spending Account that can be used for ASD-related medical expenses, including therapy costs. The account works by "converting health care expenses into legitimate business deductions, saving up to 35% on your health care costs." To speak to someone directly contact

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