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Disability Amount Tax Credit
The Disability Amount Tax Credit is a $6,636.00 tax credit for which every family with an autistic dependant is eligible. In addition, families are eligible for a supplemental amount of $6,637.00. This supplemental amount will be reduced by childcare expenses. To qualify for the Disability Amount, you must submit a Disability Certificate filled out by your doctor, speech and language pathologist, or OT. On the Disability Certificate, there is a space for the date when the disability began. This date should be your child's date of birth.  Once you submit the certificate, you can file a T1 adjustment form to have your tax returns for previous years adjusted all the way back to the year of your child's birth. You will receive at least $1,000.00 for each year you had an income. For more information, see the Disability Tax Certificate.

Child Disability Benefit
This os a tax-free benefit for low and modest-income families with children under 18 who have "a severe and prolonged mental or physical impairment". It will automatically be calculated with the Canadian Child Tax Benefit payment. If you have already completed a Disability Amount Tax Credit Certificate, you do not need to do anything further. For more information about the supplement, the conditions for eligibility, and how to apply, visit the CCRA's Web site, or call the CCTB enquiries line at 1-800-387-1193.


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