BBBAutism (an MSN Group)
This message board is the hub of the long-running BBB online community. "Here you will find warmth, companionship and a wealth of experience. Post an introduction and ask any question on your mind. Chances are someone will be able to help you find the answers you seek." You need to have an MSN group account:

Parent's Place Autism Group
"Join other parents of autistic children to share your stories of triumph and frustration. We hope you will find a place of support and understanding from others who understand the circumstances you face."

United Parents - Parents of Children with Special Needs in Ontario, Canada.
We share on a variety of topics - education, therapies, SSAH, HCB, etc. We are united in our common desire to get something better for our kids! " You need to be a Yahoo Groups member.

Verbal Behaviour
"The focus of this list is teaching verbal behavior (VB) within a program of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Members of this list post and answer questions pertaining to ABA and specifically to teaching VB. Responses are checked before approval to ensure a high quality of information." You need to be a Yahoo Groups member.

ABA Therapy Ontario
A Yahoo Group ( for parents, teachers and therapists looking for more on ABA therapy services in Ontario.

A Yahoo Group ( for parents avoiding gluten, casein, and other substances in their children's diet. 


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