Disability Awareness Training
Centennial College, in associate with Variety Village,  presents a six-part series dealing with a variety of topics related to disability. Visit centennialcollege.ca/varietyvillage or call 416-289-2246 for details..

"Special Kids" Videos at the Library
The Toronto Public Library carries several of the "Special Kids Videos" (for more about these, visit their web site). These look like useful resources for leveraging a child's interest in watching videos to present useful learning information.

Sticker Resource
Stickers seem to offer almost universal appeal to children, and have endless uses, as rewards, for token systems, to use in math exercises, creative arts, you name it. Sandylion is one of the major sticker manufacturers, and they have a warehouse outlet in Markham (400 Cochrane Drive, between Steeles and Highway 7, just east of the 404). The sticker outlet offers great deals (seconds and discontinued products), particularly if you buy in bulk. Although they do not carry the “branded” stickers (Disney characters and the like), the selection is enormous. On a recent visit I picked up several sticker activity books which normally sell for $5 - $6 for $2 each, and a box of 200 stickers for $4. Well worth a visit to Markham!

For the Artistically Inclined
A highly-recommended book to help your child learn basic drawing skills is "Follow the Directions and Draw It All by Yourself", by Kristin Geller, published by Scholastic, ISBN 0-439-14007-2. This book features a progressive series of exercises to draw familiar objects, from the three-step drawing of an apple to the eight-step drawing of a cat. An excellent and proven resource.
For this, or other writing/drawing exercises, you might find it useful to place the worksheets inside plastic "sheet protectors" (available at office stores) and have your child write with erasable markers or crayons. Saves a lot of paper!

Bike Riding Tips
See the PDF below for tips on how to help your child master bike riding. 
bike riding tips


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