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Blood Tests
It is possible to get simple blood tests done at home, for a fee. Ask your doctor to call MDS Customer Care Centre toll free at 1-877-849-3637. Ask for the fax number of the local Home Care / House Call program (both names are used). The completed requisition form is then faxed to that number. MDS will advise the patient when they are able to come to the house as well as any preparation required for the testing.

Sick Kids hospital has a dental clinic with experience with individuals with ASD. Dr. Peter Judd at Hospital for Sick Children and Dr. Siegel at Mount Sinaie are reported to be exceptional for kids with ASD. Dr. Howard Stein (416.298.3232) runs a child-specific dental practice and has experience with kids with ASD. He's in the north east part of the city. Dr. Ken Wolch in Scarborough is also reportedly good with our kids.

If finances are a problem for dental work, contact C.I.N.O.T. (Children in need of Treatment) at 416-338-8399.

Dr. Jeff Kobayashi at Bloorview McMillan and Dr. Brenda Banwell at Sick Kids are both highly regarded by parents whose children have both ASD and a seizure disorder.

Finding a Specialist
The College of Physicians and Surgeons website allows you to search for doctors with certain specialties in specific areas. Information also includes whether or not the doctor is accepting new patients. As with any medical practitioner who is a specialist, you need an official referral from a general practitioner, so you may have to go to your family doctor first.


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