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Save the Date! Check out Samko Toy Warehouse this holiday season!
Autism Ontario-Toronto has registereed at Samko Toy Warehouse for an opportunity to benefit from the sales of our members, families and friends. If you plan to shop there this Christmas season, please remember us! People who shop during the weeks of NOVEMBER 10-14 + NOVEMBER 17-21 at either of the Toronto or Richmond Hill locations, should tell the cashier that they are shopping during our registration period (Autism Ontario-Toronto) and make sure to get their receipt stamped!

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For more information about Samko:

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Click here for more information. 

Click here for more information. 

Geneva Centre’s Parent Training Calendar: 

For more information about Geneva Centre’s Parent Training:
Holland Bloorview's  Parent Training Calendar is now available. Click here for the schedule.


Karate Program for Children with Autism with Karate 4 Change:
This is a non contact Karate Program focusing on physical fitness, discipline, large & small body motor movement.


1) Kids Can in Port Credit. –Classes are Saturday afternoons for children with Autism. From 11:30 and 12:15pm.

2) Eureka Montessori- Richmond Hill-Classes are Sunday mornings at 10:20AM for children with Down Syndrome.  If there were children with Autism who would be interested in the program, they are willing to start a new class there.

3) Scarborough- Classes are Sunday afternoons at 3PM and 3:30PM for children with Autism.

4) Downtown Toronto (Queen St)- This is the new location without a booking. For those who live in this area who wish to have such a program available. They are looking to have classes begin on Thursday evenings.

5) Seventh Street Junior School in Etobicoke- 101-7th Street 

Prices depend on the location, but are average between $150-170 for 2 months (8 class blocks). Prices vary due to location rental fees.

For more information, please contact Daniel Dees:

Kids Solutions has some upcoming social skills groups for preschoolers, school-age children and teens with Autism or Aspergers. These12 week groups will be offered at Tyndale University in Toronto, at Signet School in Scarborough, and north of the city in Georgina at Kids Solutions offices.


Dr. Amanda Azarbehi
Assistent Professor, Tyndale University
Clinical Director , Kids Solutions Consulting

Click here for more details.


Community Living Toronto’s-Connectability-Free online resource with information, discussion, printables & video workshops for parents, caregivers & teachers. This site offers fact sheets, "first-then", social stories, picture scheduling engine, video’s and printables on behavioural concerns, toileting, mealtime routines, music circles, reinforcement, prompting and fading, sensory issues and so much more! 
Little Geeks is a philanthropic organization and registered Canadian charity that collects, refurbishes and re-distributes donated computers to children in need. These computers are given free of charge for use in home
Free Visual Supports you can make for your child
Ability Online is an extraordinary and absolutely free Internet community. Here, young people with disabilities and illnesses connect with all kinds of possibilities.
People for Education is an independent parent-led organization, working to improve public education in Ontario's English, Catholic and French schools

Community Participation Supports for Individuals with a Development Disability 
About PLAN Toronto

Create networks, develop resources, cultivate innovation and promote thinking to foster the contribution of people who are isolated and marginalized.

PLAN Toronto Believes That:

Enduring relationships are the foundation for living a good life 
Family networks and family directed organizations are dedicated to fostering the strengths, dreams, competencies and enthusiasm of their members to create inclusive caring lives for all
Informed, involved and confidant individuals and families are the most effective agents for social change
Individuals with disabilities are part of the community and have valuable gifts and contributions to share

The South African concept of "Ubuntu" expresses what we know from experience; "I cannot be free to be fully me unless you are free to be fully you"; "We are different so that we will know our need for one another"

PLAN Toronto:

Must be independent from government funding if we are to effectively monitor and advocate for people with disabilities when their parents and families are no longer able to provide support
When all people's contributions are welcomed, neighbourhoods are strengthened and become more compassionate and collaborative places to live. This ultimately leads to a better world for all, one neighbourhood at a time.

 This year PLAN Toronto will enroll ten individuals with disabilities into a comprehensive future planning process that will provide:

-Individual consultation to guide you and your family through a person directed planning process.
-Formation of a Personal Support Network
-A Community Connector to facilitate your support network
-A MAP or PATH Session with highly experienced facilitators
-A TYZE Social Networking Site  
-A copy of SAFE & SECURE: Six Steps To Creating A Good Life For People With Disabilities
-Registration in six workshops that explore the six steps in Safe & Secure 
-Dual Associate Membership in PLAN Toronto & The PLAN Institute
-Reduced registration in events such as The Summer Inclusion Institute and Beyond Graduation: The Next Big Adventure. 
-Group activities and opportunities to connect with other individuals and families in similar planning and network building processes.
-Opportunities for follow-up and additional support beyond the program.

Workshops at PLAN Toronto:
Disability Services Toronto (DSTO):
There are many organizations and agencies that provide services and supports to adults with a developmental disability and their families. This website focuses upon the over 30 developmental services agencies funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services to provide one or more service or support to individuals and their families.

For information on how to apply for DSTO:  


Today's Parent Article-Asperger's Syndrome-Tips for Parents & Teachers

Managing a Special Needs Trust: A Guide for Trustees is an easy-to-understand reference guide for parents, individuals with disabilities, family members and advocates as well as attorneys, financial planners, tax advisers, social workers and educators—anyone who is managing a special needs trust and/or working with families on future planning for a family member with a disability.

This 242-page book clearly explains how special needs trusts relate to the complicated public benefit programs that assist people with disabilities. This book tells how to:

* Understand the rules of major public programs that provide cash, medical care, and housing assistance to a family member with a disability.

* Use practical strategies to pay for items and services that an individual needs without reducing public benefits.

* And much more…

All families (including families with limited assets) can consider establishing a special needs trust because it is not necessary to put any money into an account when they sign the trust. When parents are gone, a portion of their estate, life insurance benefits, and other funds can pass to the special needs trust. 

For more detailed information (table of contents, excerpts, reviews, author bios) and to purchase, please go to:

Because many parent organizations, attorneys, financial planners, and advocates purchased copies for their members/clients, there are special bulk prices. Please call or email me for bulk order prices: (617) 879-0397;  

Parents and professionals, even though they do not live or work in Massachusetts, have also purchased Barbara D. Jackins’ other fine book Legal Planning for Special Needs in Massachusetts: A Family Guide to SSI, Guardianship, and Estate Planning (2010). For details (contents, excerpts, reviews), please go to:

Click on “Special Offer” to purchase both books.

Thank you,

Stan Klein
Stanley D. Klein, Ph.D.
(617) 879-0397

Posting of Final Proposed Accessible Built Environment Standard

The Final Proposed Accessible Built Environment Standard, as part of the
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, has now been posted
on the Ministry of Community and Social Services' website. 

The final proposed standard was developed by an external Accessible Built
Environment Standards Development Committee (ABE-SDC).  This external
committee included representatives from the disability community as well as
the public and private sectors. 

The initial proposed standard was released for its mandatory public review
period from July 14, 2009 to October 16, 2009.  The committee then revised
the initial proposed standard to reflect the public's input resulting in the
Final Proposed Accessible Built Environment Standard.  The final proposed
standard has now been submitted to the government for consideration, it is
not law.

Those interested in reading the ABE-SDC's final proposed standard can find
more information on the Ministry of Community and Social Services' website



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