Occupational Therapy

Rose Rowan,  O.T. Reg. (Ont.), Director of SnowFlake Therapy Services, will speak to parents about sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills and motor planning while observing the child in the setting with exposure to various sensory materials and toys. The child will try various (a) sensory activities to see which ones he/she responds to favourably; (b) fine motor activities; and (c) gross motor activities, if indicated.

Your child may have one or more of these issues:

  • Seems clumsy, has too many accidents
  • Self stimulatory needs
  • Sensory over reactions, sensory seeking or sensory avoiding behaviours
  • Behaviours that may be triggered by sensory issues
  • Over sensitivity to food textures
  • Bringing toys or clothes to the mouth
  • Difficulty with arts & crafts, printing or drawing
  • Your child may be on an OT wait list for funded services through Early Intervention Services or CCAC (school age).

Activity suggestions for home/school will be provided and further recommendations will be made if warranted. Sensory and motor differences are very common in children with ASD and often interfere with learning.

NOTE: This is an Occupational Therapy Consultation Session and not an assessment.

For further information or to register for an OT consultation, please connect with our Family Support Coordinator, Tiffany MacDonald, by email 
tiffany@autismontario.com or by telephone 905-723-8405.

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