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Respite care is a family support service that provides temporary relief from the physical and emotional demands involved in caring for a family member who has a disability. Respite creates greater opportunities for all family members to live actively and participate in community activities and allows parents/guardians time for themselves. It can be challenging for families to find suitable respite care providers to work in their homes, or facilities that provide respite care. Please visit the online database of respite care providers and other information related to respite care at

Visitors to our website should be aware that Autism Ontario - Peel Region is not associated with and does not endorse the respite care service providers listed on our website, but merely posts the information for those seeking respite care services for their children.

Camp Winston - 5-acre facility located in Kilworthy, Ontario on Sparrow Lake in the beautiful Muskoka Region (a 2 hour drive north of Toronto) operates annual Autism Weekend Retreat each spring. Participants enjoy music, crafts, sports, boating, hiking and other recreational activities. This weekend serves children and teenagers of all ages while providing relief for families.

● FOOTPRINTS is a respite-only outreach program for families with children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   FOOTPRINTS is unique for it is a volunteer-driven program dedicated to giving the families of children affected by ASD the precious gift of time in a low-cost program that fosters a safe and happy environment for the children.  Established in 2004, FOOTPRINTS is designed for the benefit of the children and to provide a brief period of respite for their families. 

Under the guidance of qualified Program Consultants, and supported by a Marketing &  Fundraising Consultant, a Strategic Consultant and a dedicated Steering Committee, the program trains and utilizes volunteers ranging in age from 16 - 75+ to provide creative, stimulating, and skill-appropriate activities for children with ASD.  In doing so, FOOTPRINTS provides the parents and siblings of these children with a few precious hours of 'time away' to recharge, attend to household tasks, or to simply spend some quality time with each other. 

FOOTPRINTS operates in two location in Durham Region, Pickering and Whitby.  For a complete list of respite sessions available, please download our brochure.  Families interested in registering their child for respite may call 905-420-0388 and select Option #1 for Pickering and Option #3 for Whitby.

Kerry's Place Autism Services - Central West Region

Kerry's Place Autism Services Central West Region offers supports in the regions of Dufferin, Peel, Halton and Wellington.

Intake (905) 457-1130 ext. 250

Regional Executive Director: Jim Preston

General Inquiries:

Kinark Outdoor Education Centre - Autism Quest Program & Respite Supported residential recreational experiences on weekends and in the summer for children and youth ages 9-15 with high-functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome. A number of respite/leisure programs for teens and adults with disabilities/special needs are also available at the Kinark Outdoor Education Centre.  Click here for details on the following programs:

  • Autism Quest - A 5-day residential summer camp experience for children with Autism.
  • Adolescent Social Recreation - This is a direct funded  MCYS Respite program in response to parents and service providers indicating that there exist social skill developmental service gaps for adolescents in rural areas within the Central East Region.
  • Autism Family Respite Weekends - This is a social-recreation weekend for six to eight ASD families who are often on the waiting list to receive service.
  • Autism Summer Family Camp - The program was developed in direct response to families who greatly appreciated the AFR Weekends, but are now looking for an affordable option for families who did not require one-to-one support.

Heartfit Farm is a non profit summer holiday destination for intellectually disabled teens and adults over 18yrs.  They draw on the therapeutic power of animals and the restorative power of nature to calm anxiety, reinforce skills build social skills and dilute fearful new experiences. Staff include career teachers, autism specialists, certified DSW and volunteers who return year after year. Their catchment area is wide and their unique program accepts only 8 guests per week. Families are encouraged to visit the farm and see if it is suitable for their needs. 



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