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Who We Are

Autism Ontario - Peel Chapter has been re-established in early 2011 and is one of the twenty-five (25) regional chapters of Autism Ontario. The Chapter is a non-profit organization, directed and managed by a dedicated core of (mostly) parent volunteers who are committed to ensuring that every individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is provided with the means to achieve the quality of life as a respected member of society. We are the parents, the extended family members, and professionals who volunteer time, talent and energy to help improve the lives of our children, youth, and adults living with ASD. Being a non-profit organization, the chapter does not receive any government funding. All Chapter administrative functions are supported by the volunteers, donations from the community and fundraising initiatives.


Acceptance and opportunities for all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


To ensure that each individual with ASD is provided the means to achieve quality of life as a respected member of society.

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Chapter Leadership Council

The Chapter Leadership Council (CLC) is elected by chapter members and is responsible for the direction and management of the chapter. Any chapter member in good standing thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) may be nominated for election to the CLC. Elections are held at our AGM each spring and positions are for a one year term. CLC members can be contacted through the chapter email (peel@autismontario.com).

The Chapter Leadership Council (CLC)  2018 – 2019 will consist of :

elected voting members:

Joanne Connolly            President/Web Editor/Social Media

Sarah Elkami                 Vice President

Jessica Hudson                Secretary/E news

Maja Bissoondial              Treasurer

Lina Pezzo                        Fundraising Coordinator 

Fauzia Reza                      Adults Coordinator    


non-voting members:

Debra Robinson             Past President




Our Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board SEAC representative:  peel.seac.dpcdsb@autismontario.com

Primary representative: Janice Hatton
Alternate representative: Airene Cunanan


Our Peel District School Board SEAC representative: peel.seac.pdsb@autismontario.com

Primary representative: Nancy Leaton
Alternate representative: Fauzia Reza

To contact our SEAC representative, please send an email to the above addresses or: peel@autismontario.com.

Provincial Office Employees:

Sue McDermid
Family Support Coordinator

Quincy Beauregard
French Community Event Coordinator

Jennifer Dent
Potential Program Community Events
1-(226) 748-3372

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What We Do

Share Information

Parents of individuals with ASD seek information about treatment methods, resources, current issues, and research findings.  While Peel Chapter does not specifically endorse any treatment, program, product or service, we support the right of parents to be informed of all available options.  To that end, Peel Chapter facilitates the sharing of autism-related information in several ways:

  • By providing free access to this website
  • By providing free access to our ENews Group - to receive news, information and announcements from the Peel Chapter.
  • By responding to requests for information from individuals and groups in the community by email at peel@autismontario.com

Encourage Friendship

Members of our community and their families look forward to and enjoy many social activities and events within our region.  These special events offer children with autism, their siblings, and parents the opportunity to get together for food, fun, and friendship.

Facilitate Advocacy

The Peel Chapter has Special Education Advisory Coucil (SEAC) representatives for both the public and separate school boards in Peel Region.  As they raise issues affecting the autism community at monthly school board meetings, our SEAC representatives are the voices for students living with ASD.  We also are on many Advisory Committees affecting change and do awareness within the community.

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Volunteers are PRICELESS!!  Your participation is always welcome!  If you are interested in assisting with any committee or social event, please complete the volunteer package  .  If you have any questions,  or to submit the volunteer package, please contact us at peel@autismontario.com.



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