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Please contact the Ottawa Chapter of Autism Ontario for an updated roster and Contact Information of Specialist Doctors - Asperger Syndrome.

Autism Ontario

A membership application is downloadable through this website. By joining Autism Ontario you will automatically become a member of the Ottawa Chapter.  You will also receive quarterly copies of Autism Ontario.

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Ottawa Asperger Syndrome Resource Guide

Comprehensive guide to local resources for Asperger Syndrome and high functioning autism/PDD.  Also includes books, DVDs, websites, newsletters and magazines.

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Ottawa Resources Directory for children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Henson Trust Booklet

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The Autism Research Institute ( ARI)

ARI produces an e-newsletter, which summarizes autism research from around the world. They also have an autism diagnostic checklist.

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The Abe Gold Learning Centre

The descriptions below are documents to delineate Canadian Best Practice Guidelines for Early Screening ( ages 0-5 years). The best practices described in this document were derived from scientific literature and agreed upon by a panel of ASD Canadian researchers input from active clinicians as well as parents.

Physician Toolkit

This 12 page document offers practical guidelines and tools for physicians to use in their practice to assist them in the surveillance and screening of ASDs.

Waiting Room Poster

This poster describes some of the early warning signs of ASDs and urges parents to discuss any signs or symptoms with thier child's physician.

Parent Guide

This pamphlet describes the process of being screened and assessed for ASDs in lay terms for all to understand.

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