Aspirations is a group for people with Asperger's and High-Functioning Autism. It is primarily aimed at adults, however younger members are welcome.

Aspirations is a support group for adults and mature teens, anyone from about 17 and older. Many of our members have been diagnosed with AS, and some have not been diagnosed but believe they may have AS. Some are newly diagnosed and would like more information. Also, we welcome parents, family members, and friends of people with AS to the group. We've also had professionals (counselors, speech language pathologists, therapists) attend.

Meetings are on the third Monday of the month, except during the summer months, and if there's a holiday Monday (ie: if Labour Day falls on the third Monday, then the meeting is pushed to the week before). Meetings start at 7pm and go on until 9pm, and we've discussed different topics of general interest to individuals with AS.

Some well-attended meetings in the past have dealt with Social Skills, Effective Communication, Employment, and Budgeting, and may or may not include guest speakers (knowledgeable on a specific topic), followed by a Question and Answer session at the end. If you have ideas that you would like to learn more about, or that would make a good topic for a meeting, you can suggest it to us and we can look into potential speakers on the subject.

There is no fee to attend the meetings.

Please feel free to email  if you would like more information, however no reservation is required and the easiest thing to do is just show up to the Citizen Advocacy building, 312 Parkdale Av.

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