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Why Join?

  • For Information
  • For Friendship and Support
  • For Local Niagara and Provincial Support
  • To Share in Advancing Support For and Understanding of ASD
  • For Preferential Pricing/Discounts

How to Join

Click here to download the membership form.

Please fill it out and mail it to:

Autism Ontario
004-1179 King Street West
Toronto, ON M6K 3C5
Phone: (416) 246-9592 or 1-800-472-7789

Or fax this form (credit card only) to: (416) 246-9417

Subscribe to "Autism Matters" - Autism Ontario's Magazine

Get an annual subscription to Autism Matters by becoming a "Friend of Autism Ontario." For $25 you will receive 4 issues of Autism Matters which contain personal stories, articles by ASD researchers, tips and resources. 

Note: An Autism Ontario membership includes a subscription to Autism Matters. 

Consider sending Autism Matters as a gift to a friend, teacher, researcher – anyone who might want to learn more about the Autism Spectrum Disorders. We will send a gift card with the first magazine.

You can find the subscription form here.   


Membership Benefits at the Niagara Region Chapter 

Benefits include:

  • Programs specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals challenged by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) including summer camps and year round social clubs at a membership rate
  • A resource centre that includes a lending library with books, videos, CDs and more. Non-members are welcome to utilize the resource centre during office hours.
  • Local newsletters and a quarterly provincial magazine that shares research updates and coping strategies for living with autism
  • Meetings that offer guest speakers and relevant discussion topics
  • Access to and/or information on conferences, workshops and training opportunities
  • Family Funding Bursaries
  • Mutual support and friendship with other families
  • Representation on the Special Education Advisory Council at the District School Board of Niagara and the Niagara Catholic District School Board
  • Public awareness and advocacy programs

For full details about how membership impacts you at the local level, contact the office at or call 905-682-2776 today! A membership and information package can also be sent to you with additional details.

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