SEAC stands for Special Education Advisory Committee. SEACs are legislated under the Education Act and Regulation 464/97. Subsection 57.1 of the Education Act requires every school board to establish a SEAC, and provides authority for the Minister of Education to make regulations governing SEACs. Regulation 464/97 also requires most school authorities to establish a SEAC.

Autism Ontario – London and Middlesex Region has two SEAC Representatives who act as liaisons between our organization and the public (TVDSB) and separate (LDCSB) school boards in the London and Middlesex Region. As they raise issues affecting the autism community at monthly school board meetings, our SEAC Representatives are the voice for students living with autism in London and Middlesex Region.

The role of the Autism Ontario – London and Middlesex SEAC Representatives is to advise both the public and Catholic school boards on policies affecting students with autism, with a view to getting issues resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner, and to provide families with general advice and guidance on special education issues.

Please note SEAC Representatives are not permitted to act as advocates for individual families.
If you are interested in participating or wish to join as an alternate SEAC Representative please contact us at 519-433-3390 or autismlondon.office@gmail.com 
Our Philosophy of Special Education is we believe that all students have a right to participate fully in opportunities for learning and growth appropriate to their needs and gifts.  Students who have exceptional needs are more like other students than they are different.  It is our responsibility to provide these students the opportunity to share the school experience which their brothers, sisters and friends enjoy.  An attitude of welcome acceptance, and indeed, celebration of individual differences and unique gifts is to be encouraged and supported.
Inclusion is: The provision of educational services to all students in such a manner that all students belong, are equal members in the classroom.

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