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QU’EST-CE QUE L’ACA? (L’analyse comportementale appliquée) - en ligne

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Pour les services en français, composez le 1-800-472-7789, poste 240 ou envoyez un courriel à

   Posted January 1, 2016

Upcoming Webinars
Lundi 23 février 2015
19:00 à 20:30 (HNE)
 Autisme Ontario: webinaire provinciale - Qu’est-ce que l’ACA (Analyse comportementale appliquée)?
Friday February 27, 2015
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Workshop - Teens & Adults with Asperger Syndrome/ High Functioning Autism:  Building Positive Futures

   Posted January 21, 2015
Cuppa Kindess Coffee

Now you can support Autism Ontario simply by ordering fresh artisan coffee...roasted to your individual taste...and delivered directly to your home. Quality teas too

   Posted January 14, 2015
Directory of Services

Directory of Services and Support for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Southwestern Ontario
Click here for more Details

   Posted January 14, 2015
Look at Me Project

Many children with autism struggle to make eye contact. We hope to make a difference.
With the help of Autism Speaks Canada, Samsung is donating 200 Galaxy Tab S devices. Samsung has preloaded each device with the Look at Me app. Be the first in Canada to experience the potential benefits of the Look at Me app, which is designed to support meaningful connections between parents, caregivers, and their children.

   Posted January 13, 2015
Social Learning Opportunity

Social Learning Opportunity activities
and Events
Our Social Learning Opportunity
(programs, events and workshops) proposal
deadline is February 1, 2015
(this covers April, May, June 2015)
If you have any ideas or proposals that you would like submitted please send them to
The SLO application is attached, if you have an idea and need some help with the form please do not hesitate to contact Marti
Click here for more Details

   Posted January 6, 2015

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