Special Eduction

This is a list of common references from the Ministry of Education on Special Education and Autism that the school board uses.
Effective Educational Practices for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (2007): (218 pages)
Part 1,     Part 2,     Part 3,     Part 4,     Part 5
Special Education - A Guide for Educators (2001): (242 pages) 
Preface and Acknowledgements: click here.
Part A: Legislation and Policy: click here.
Part B:  Funding for Education: click here - this section is out of date and when there is a update we will change this.
Part C:  Program Planning: click here.
Part D:  The Indentification,  Placements, and Review Precess  (IPRC): click here.
Part E:  The Individual Education Plan (IEP): click here.
Part F:  Programs and Services: click here.
Part G:  Related Ministries: Roles and Resources: click here.
Part H:  Appendices: click here.
List of Policy/Procedure Memorandums (PPM): click here.  This is a long list of all PPMs.  You can link from here to specific PPMs.
Standards for School Boards' Special Education Planning: (42 pages)click here.
Special Education Transformation - The Report of the Co-Chairs with the Recommendations of the Working Table on Special Education (2006): (43 pages) click here.
Education for All - The Report of the Expert Panel on Literacy and Numeracy Instruction for Students with Spec. Ed. Needs, K-6: (176 pages) click here.
Learning For All K-12 (2009 Draft): click here.  This is the follow-up document to Education for All.  You will find the student profile document here.
Engaging Parents of Students with Special Needs: (3 pages) click here.
Making a Difference - From Evidence to Action: (78 pages) click here.
Safe Schools Information: click here.
Shared Solutions - A Guide to Preventing and Resolving Conflicts Regarding Programs and Services for Students with Special Educational Needs: (50 pages) click here.

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