IPE References

This is a list of references from the Ministry of Education on IEPS, IPRC and other school and class related documents that are used by the school board.
Individual Educational Plan (IEP), a Resource Guide (2004): (84 pages) click here.
Individual Educational Plan (IEP), Standards for Development, Program Planning, and Implementation (2000): (25 pages) click here.
IEP Samples and Resources to Support the Development and Implementation of Effective IEPS in Ontario: (website link for samples) click here.
IPRC Information from Special Education - A Guide to Educators, Section D: (44 pages) click here.
Special Education Transformation - The Report of the Co-Chairs with the Recommendations of the Working Table on Special Education (2006): (43 pages) click here.
Standards for School Boards Special Education Plans: (42 pages) click here.
EQAO Guide for Accomodations, Special Provisions, Deferrals and Exemptions: (14 pages) click here.
OSR (Ontario Student Records) Guidelines: (42 pages) click here.
Engaging Parents of Students with Special Needs: (3 pages) click here.
Safe Schools Information: click here.

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