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Facilitator Training: Children’s Friendship Training (CFT)

Various dates based on location from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Interested in facilitating a Children’s Friendship Training Group?  Facilitator training covers the following key topics of CFT: Conversational skills, How to make a good first impression, How to “play detective” to find common interests, How to join a group of kids at play, How to handle rejection, teasing and bullying, How to be a good host on a play date, How to be a good winner, How to be a good sport, How to show respect to adults.  For details click here.

financial plannning picHenson Trust/ Power of Attorney Info Session

May 29th/June 6th, 2017

Come and join us for an information session seminar on Henson Trust Funds and Power Of Attorney.  Light Refreshments and snacks will be provided.  For details click here.

Past Workshops

being social at work picBeing Social At Work Workshop
May 3rd, 2017 from 6-9pm

Presenter : Sarah Southey, MSW, RSW
Employment and Life Skills Coach
Join us for an interactive workshop in which the following topics will be covered: how to manage an interview, dealing with small talk, connecting with colleagues/peers, managing conflict, common workplace challenges, interacting with people in seniority positions, social work functions, hidden rules, work  accommodations that can help navigate the social and so much more! This workshop is ideal for young adults that relate to Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism and who are currently working or planning on joining the workforce in the near future.  Registration opens March 25th at 12pm.  

Inside Out View of Autism Spectrum Disorder with Bill Nason

We were thrilled to have Bill Nason present at this comprehensive and inspiring workshop.  We had participants from PEI, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.  Bill's presentation was indeed an "inside out view" of autism spectrum disorder and we are already talking about having him come back. 

Thank you to Caroline Morden and M&R Catering for the excellent snacks and meals.  

bill nasosn collageTestimonials:

I attended the Inside Out conference with Bill Nason with my son's teacher.  It was so informative that I will be busy for the next 6 months researching topics 💙.  Bill explained and validated (via confirmation from actual ASD adults)  his practices.   He never preached or peddled his book; he simply used layman's terms to help the audience to better understand ASD in a way that just made sense and left you wondering why you never thought of that.  The conference was invaluable and worth taking vacation days to attend!

My son's teacher learned so much that his behaviours make sense to her now.  She also took away sensory best practices to implement in the school for neurotypical children too to help the focus and be ready to learn!
B. Sparkes

I really enjoyed Bill Nason’s workshop.  It truly was an inside out view of Autism. I was really able to gain a deeper understanding of how my children experience the world. He really talked a lot about how a child on the Autism Spectrum cannot begin to change behaviour until they feel safe and accepted and have a nervous system that is regulated.  He ran the workshop like a discussion which made it interesting as I could also learn from other’s experiences. The funny thing is that not only did I learn more about my children with Autism, but I learned more about myself – I wasn’t expecting that! I would love to attend another one of his workshops in the future.
M. Ehlert

Bill has so much knowledge and I am very thankful that I was able to attend his workshop. I have followed him on Facebook for awhile and I am so glad I was actually able to meet him and listen to him talk. His workshop was amazing! I highly recommend it. I am hoping he comes back as I would love to hear more! Thanks Bill for all that you do and for being you!
T. Stack

 Autism Ontario Webinars and Video Conferences

In addition to those listed below, webinars can be found on our parent site, on the Webinar page

LIVE WEBINAR:  INCLUSION - Creating Better Schools for All!

Join Paula Kluth, author of numerous books and products, including You’re Going to Love This Kid! and the director of a documentary film titled, We Thought You’d Never Ask: Voices of People with Autism, on Friday, June 16th from 12-1pm as she addresses inclusion, and helps parents, professionals and caregivers alike learn new skills and ask new questions.  For details click here.

Past Webinars - Recorded

Understanding Challenging Behaviour

A live, one hour, interactive webinar on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 from 12pm-1pm.  Join Dr. Ross Greene (author of “The Explosive Child” as he discusses CPS (Collaborative and Proactive Solutions), an approach that recognizes challenging behaviour in children and equips parents to develop tools and techniques to reduce these challenging episodes. 

Anxiety, Play, and ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) with Leslie Cohen

advocacy webinar picHow to do Educational Advocacy Right”: Featuring a panel of three experts in the field: Ed Mahony, Lynn Ziraldo, and Pat Kearns. Three experts in the field of education advocacy explore various formal and informal methods of building positive relationships with school personnel. Join the conversation and learn ways to work effectively with your child’s school using successful relationship building skills through the IPRC process.The webinar will be broadcast live on Monday, November 30th at 7pm.  It will be available for on-demand viewing on our website.

Dr. Wendy Roberts: Navigating the System After an Autism Diagnosis - This helpful and informative webinar is for families who have recently received an ASD diagnosis.  Dr. Roberts shares information and research that will be very interesting and applicable to families who have been navigating the system for years. 

Transitioning to Adulthood: Employment Strategies and Life Skills for Teens and Young Adults with ASD

Teens & Adults with Asperger Syndrome / High Functioning Autism: Building Positive Futures

The Science of Making Friends for Teens and Young Adults with ASD: The UCLA PEERS® Program

Leslie Cohen Webinar – Everyday ABA: A basic toolbox of positive and effective behavioural strategies for increasing adaptive behaviours that compete with, reduce, and replace challenging behaviours.

Understanding Autism - A guide for Secondary School Teachers 

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