Educational Assistant (EA) Allocation Process

The goal of the Durham District School Board is to provide all schools with their allocation of educational assistants (EAs) for the following school year before the end of June during the current school year. In order to accomplish this task, the EA Allocation Committee must be able to finalize their decisions by the first week of May. This will then enable the Employee Services Department to assign educational assistants to schools in a timely fashion. EAs will be allocated to special classes, to students in regular grades and then to base support.

The EA Allocation process begins in April and continues until June. All files, application forms and copies of the Individual Education Plans (IEPs) must be sent to the Special Education Department by the end of March so that they may be processed and ready for the EA Allocation Committee to review. The EA Allocation Committee will meet during April and May to review all applications. It is important that each school’s submission be complete. With a very tight schedule, the EA Allocation Committee will not have the time to contact schools to clarify any submissions. The decision to recommend an educational assistant will depend on the quality of both the application forms and attached documentation. The committee will determine what the total EA Full Time Equivalent (FTE) allocation will be for each school. Once the committee has allocated the EA F.T.E. for a school, the names of the students will be listed on the EA allocation school summary form and the total EA FTE will be included (the school principal will be informed later in May).

▪ The principal manages all resources within the school.
▪ The principal will allocate the EA F.T.E. to each student listed on the database form after determining how much support is needed.
▪ It is the principal’s decision in discussion with the resource staff who determines how much EA support is assigned to each student, not the parents or Board personnel. Once the EA allocation committee has determined the EA FTE for the schools, the Employee Services Department will co-ordinate the posting and staffing process for June. With the deadlines as noted schools will know the amount of EA FTE they will receive for September by the last week of June. Base support will be determined at a later date, based on the number of identified students in regular grade. EA support for self contained classes is as follows:
▪ Associated 2 ▪ Behaviour Assessment 1.0 (1 EA level 2) ▪ Behaviour Intervention 2.0 (1 EA level 1 & 1 EA level 2) ▪ Developmental 2 ▪ Diagnostic 1 ▪ Hearing 1 ▪ Language 0.5 ▪ Learning Strategies 1.0 – elementary / 0.5 - secondary ▪ Modified 1.0 – elementary / 1.5 - secondary ▪ Multiple Exceptionality 2.0 (1 EA level 1 & 1 EA level 2) ▪ Resource Room 1.0.

To determine the allocation of educational assistants for the school, the committee refers to five profiles. The profile form is to be completed for all students whose extreme special needs form the basis of the EA request. Each student will have his/her own profile. Documentation (in the form of an IEP) must be provided to substantiate each profile indicator.



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