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The Potential Programme is a unique service from Autism Ontario designed to directly support all Ontario families, parents and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
This program provides support through greater access to ASD experts in their communities and supportive community-based learning opportunities for children with ASD.

The Potential Programme can provide you with:

ASD Information:  Our qualified staff and each local Autism Ontario chapter’s dedicated volunteers have extensive nexperience in ASD. Staff are also rich sources of information on ASD, health and social service providers in your area. Local chapters also maintain libraries of resources, materials and computer software.
Access to ASD Experts: Through our many and frequently held expert speaker events and workshops related to ASD.
Family Support Groups: These groups provide an opportunity for caregivers to connect with others and share their experiences.
Social Learning Opportunities: Ranging from movie mornings to recreational and social programming and family gathering events that provide valuable opportunities for your child to simply be themselves in a social environment. These events also allow time for families to come together.
Community Events: Your Community Event Coordinators organize a variety of events to help your child reach his or her potential.
Connect to resources in your community: Our Family Support Coordinators, Community Event Coordinators and local Chapter Volunteers help provide you with support in establishing community partnerships.

Click here for more details or to read about the Potential Programme in French.

Social Learning Opportunities

Help Us Shape the Programme! A focal point of contact for many families has been through participation in our numerous and varied social activities; referred to as “Social Learning Opportunities”. To read more about Social Learning Opportunities and how to submit an idea click here.   Let us know what expert speakers, workshops or social learning opportunities you would like to see hosted in your community.  Social Learning Opportunities are coordinated by our Community Event Coordinator. 

Sinthea Chowdhury - Community Event Coordinator - Central East Region

Email sinthea@autismontario.com or call 416-246-9592 ext 236. 

Family Support Plans

The program is designed to directly support families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder through the support of a highly skilled clinical professionals.

Are you connected to all the programs and services available to your child affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder in Durham Region? Is your family receiving all the support you need?

Our Potential Programme Family Support Coordinator in Durham Region is available to meet with parents/guardians to develop a support plan for you and your family. This service is free of charge to any individual or family affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Contact the Potential Programme Family Support Coordinator when you need help to find community support programs, funding and other services. You can also meet with the Potential Programme Family Support Coordinator to talk about how to hire an ABA (behavioural) therapist or respite worker for your child. Parents/guardians are always welcome to attend the autism support groups hosted by Autism Ontario - Durham Region, but when you need one-on-one support or more detailed information, our Potential Programme Family Support Coordinator is available to meet with you.

Tiffany MacDonald - Family Support Coordinator - Central East Region

Email tiffany@autismontario.com or call 905-723-8405

Click here to learn even more about Potential Programme events across the province. 

Many of our services, resources and programs are also available in French.  

Pour les services en français, composez le 1-800-472-7789, poste 240 ou envoyez un courriel à rpcprovincial@autismontario.com.



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