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12 October/octobre 2017
Event/ActivitéChildren's Workshop - Understanding the ASD Diagnosis with Heather Kidd & Elizabeth Mitchell - Oakville
Location/EndroitMonarch House 1405 North Service Rd E #103
Chapter / ChapitreHalton
Category / CatégorieOther/Autre
Children's Workshop - Understanding the ASD Diagnosis with Heather Kidd In recent years, many parents and caregivers have begun to seek advice about introducing the diagnosis to their children. Children and youth with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) frequently recognize that they are different from their peers. They often experience social failure leading to frustration, loneliness, isolation, a diminished self- esteem, anxiety and mood problems. Explaining the Diagnosis to the Child with Autism: Should the Child be Told? The consensus is overwhelmingly in favor of telling the child and telling him or her early on. Yet, parents often express concerns that telling their child may change the way he views himself and lower his self-esteem. However, the opposite seems to be true. Even having a basic understanding of autism/AS generally reduces the child’s fears and self-blame and can help him better understand and accept himself. It also opens the door for the child to learn strategies to cope more successfully with the challenges he faces. The goal of this 8 week group, is to help children understand their differences and to explore their strengths, talents and challenges. It is through knowledge, insight and self-awareness that children can learn self-acceptance, gain self-worth and learn to advocate for themselves. Topics Will Include: • What does a diagnosis of ASD mean and why do I have it? • Understanding the ASD spectrum and what it means to me • Understanding your differences • Strengths and interests • Challenges at school • Challenges at home • Friendship A variety of modalities will be used to teach and engage the children at their level. These will include visual supports, videos, discussions and role plays. An important component of this group is to have the parents join the children and participate in the last twenty minutes of each session. At this time, we will review the topic of the evening and families will be given weekly homework to assist them in understanding how the diagnosis impacts their child’s daily life. An overview of the materials presented each week will be provided to parents. Open to children: - who are ages 9-12 and - with high functioning ASD* and - who are currently aware of their diagnosis of ASD *Please note children will be pre-screened before being admitted into the workshop. The pre-screening will be done by the facilitators prior to the start date.

Date:12 October/octobre 2017 - 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Contact:Jennifer Dent
Internet:Click here / cliquez ici

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