Autism Registry

Peterborough Police Service

Peterbrough Police Service offers a Vulnerable Person Registry for families and caregivers of vulnerable persons. The information provided is entered into a database that will be used by police and other emergency services during a crisis situation.

You can register a vulnerable person in two ways:

  1. Using the online form .
  2. By attending the station in person.

In either case, you will be asked for information or identification to demonstrate your relationship to the vulnerable person.  This is to ensure the integrity of the report. 

In the event of an emergency, responding officers will have immediate access to this information, improving police understanding and response.

A Vulnerable Person is defined as a person who due to a medical, mental health, or physical condition may exhibit patterns of behaviour that may pose a danger to themself. This may include:

  • A tendency to wander
  • The inability to communicate
  • Fascinations or attractions (water, construction sites etc.)
  • Social responses (fear of strangers, aggression)

Examples include (but are not limited to) individuals with Alzheimer’s, Autism Spectrum Disorder or an acquired brain injury.

Cobourg Police Services

What is the Autism Registry?

The Registry for People with Autism is a Cobourg Police Service project in partnership with the Autism Ontario - Peterborough Chapter. The online registry promotes communication and gives police quick access to critical information about a registered person with autism in a police emergency by capturing information such as a full description, routine/favourite attractions, communication and other special needs as well as emergency contact information.

This information can assist officers in communicating with, attending a residence of or dealing with an emergency involving an individual with ASD.

Goal of the Program

The goal of the program is to give police quick access to critical information about a registered individual with ASD in the community in an emergency situation.

Register Annually

Annual registration is required to keep your form active. It is the responsibility of the person with autism or the parent/guardian to resubmit the form. It is recommended that you resubmit on the registrant's birthday to make it easier to remember.

City of Kawartha Lakes

Here is the process needed to get a copy of the Autism Registry for Kawartha Lakes. Regardless of whether the family lives in town or on the outskirts, it is the same form (just a different logo).

If your family is in town, you must take the completed form with an attached photo to the Lindsay Office on Victoria Avenue. Anyone else must drop their form and picture off at the O.P.P. office on Angeline Street.

This amazing opportunity is available to ANYONE on the Autism Spectrum.

Registration Process

  • Go to the website
  • Click on the Community Services tab
  • Click on the Autism Ontario logo on the right side
  • Click on the Application (information is on that page as well)


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